How do I earn points on rent? How do I earn points on rent?

How do I earn points on rent?

Earning points on rent is easy with Zurp! 

At the moment, the way to earn points on rent is to connect your Zurp account and routing number to your rent payment portal. You need to ensure you have a sufficient balance in your Zurp cash account, which you can fund by initiating a deposit from your external bank account or connect a direct deposit directly. Zurp will automatically detect your rent payment and assign points to it every month.

Do you pay by check? Use our Bill Pay feature and earn points on rent. You can find the “Pay a bill” button in the app on the spend page. From there you can create a payment by following the flow. 

Do you pay your rent using Venmo or Cash App? Great news! We're working on being able to designate one payment per month as your rent payment, so you'll be able to get points on these, too.

Keep in mind, rewards terms apply.


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