Why haven’t I received my card? Why haven’t I received my card?

Why haven’t I received my card?

There could be a number of reasons why your card hasn’t arrived. If your account was just opened or you only recently requested a replacement card, the card may still be in transit. We suggest allowing 2 weeks for your card to arrive.


If it’s been longer than that, we typically find that the card wasn’t received because there was an issue with the address on file for your account. Verifying your address is a great first step to figuring out why your card is delayed. You can do this right in the mobile app by going to Settings, then enter Account Settings and then select Mailing Address to view your address.


If your address is incorrect, or if it’s been more than 2 weeks and you still haven’t received your card, please contact us at hello@zurp.com and our Zurp Experts will review your request and get back to you ASAP!

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