Why was my card being declined? Why was my card being declined?

Why was my card being declined?

There could be any number of reasons why your card is being declined. 

Here’s the most common:

  • You have insufficient available funds in your Zurp Cash account to pay for the transaction. Check your available balance in the mobile app. 
  • You may have recently ordered a replacement card because your old card was damaged.  In this case, your new card may not have been activated or you’re trying to use the old card and the expiration date is no longer valid. 
  • You’re using an ATM, but either haven’t created your PIN or you’re using the incorrect PIN.
  • You put a “freeze” on your card in the app and haven’t unfrozen it. 
  • You’re making an online transaction and the card, expiration date, or CVV information you're entering is incorrect. 

If you’re still not sure why your card isn’t working, contact our Zurp Expert Team by emailing hello@zurp.com.

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